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Making Top Dollar Writing White Papers; Making Money Writing Case Studies.

‘My fee to write your e-newsletter is $75 per hour. ‘Say, ‘My fee to write your e-newsletter is $800”. – Steve.

the experts will be happy to help you again in the future”. – Michael A. Stelzner, author of Writing White Papers. Success Tip #3: Stay Top.

p4. Sidebar: $96,000 in writing fees alone p4. Sidebar: royalties can add up to another $120,000 p4. Sidebar: over $210,000 a year etc. (These are just the first four pages). I took different color highlighters and picked apart the letter, line by line.

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An experienced content writer may command higher fees but also may work faster, have more specialized areas of expertise, and deliver a higher quality product that needs less editing on your end.

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It is possible to make a very comfortable living writing other kinds of copy – white papers, all kinds of ghostwriting, resume writing, publicity writing,

to accept fees as ridiculous as $5-$8 per article for up to 500 words.

or as poor as .10c per word for articles and.

How to Write White Papers That Command Top Fees – Awai. Author AWAI (568) $45.00-80%. iAfform Wealth – Weight Loss – Love Pack – Noah St. John. Author Noah St. John (568) $0.00-0%. No Product No Problem – Independent Study. Author.

Get Paid To Write For Blogs – Catherine Alford.