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So Brian Casel of Productize & Scale talks about this quite a bit as well. And the way he kind of frames – he was at MicroConf.

you never really get version one of your product out the door. But with Credo you had the spreadsheet. You started off with the minimum viable product, and you charged your friend over PayPal without building.

2017 has been a phenomenal year for Jordan and Brian. On today’s episode, they give the audience an update on the businesses and offer a glimpse into their plans for 2018. Brian is going to shift focus to Productize and relaunch a bigger and better pr: 12/7/2017: Free: View in iTunes: 22

The Foundation community speaks to this often,

I go more into how we launched this in detail on this podcast with Brian Casel.

My recommendation is to go out and build small, but useful stuff with technical people. Don’t launch full scale businesses.

just do little things, even for.

So tune in to hear about Brian’s new service and Jordan’s newfound ambition after having a rare full team meetup. We [founders] think in a certain way and maybe we don’t remember what it is like to be an employee.

An update on the Productize Course and Brian’s closed cart approach.

The version 2 upgrade is finally working.

By Brian Casel · Subscribe. Most freelancers struggle with the fear of cutting out the things make you money today.

Before launching my products business, all I had a was a desire to launch a productized version of my business. But it took me years before I figured out what it would take to get there.

Productize Your Service. Get my.

You don’t productize and package your service. I’ll explain how I did it. But if you’d prefer to hear an audio explanation, Pat Flynn did a podcast episode with Brian Casel that’ll give you the gist of how to productize your teaching business .