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About the Author: Christa Orecchio is a clinical and holistic nutritionist with a mission to help as many people as possible using food as medicine so that they can thrive. She’s a Wellness Media Featured Contributor, and author of “The Whole Journey Cookbook: 180 Delicious Ways to Use Food as Medicine“. Check out Christa’s website, The Whole Journey, to learn more. Designs for Health – Organic PurePea Chocolate – Natural Pea Protein Isolate Powder, Vegan + Non-GMO Peas, 1 lb: Health & Personal Care

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STEP TWO: The Pathogen Purge Timeframe: Weeks 3-6. The next step in the healing process is to eliminate pathogens from the gut—the natural way. Intestinal pathogens (parasites, protozoa, bad bacteria, yeast, fungus, viruses, heavy metals, worms) may be wreaking havoc on your digestive system by disrupting the natural balance and causing the uncomfortable symptoms you experience every day.

Biofilm Disruptors . Once yo u understand how to use probiotics and enzymes to meet your needs, the next step is to gently eliminate (remaining) constipation, seal the lining of the gut and add in a few key detox supplements to break apart biofilms. Biofilms are a group of opportunistic bacteria which form together to protect themselves from the immune system and potentially many antibiotics.