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The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day And Control Your Life.

The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day And Control Your Life Author: Craig Ballantyne.

This is the next BEST thing to being at the Perfect Life Retreat. You'll get one-on-one advice from Craig Ballantyne, author of The Perfect Day Formula, so you create a custom Perfect Life schedule for your success so that you increase your income and make more time for what matters in your life.

©2015 Craig Ballantyne (P)2016 Craig Ballantyne Critic Reviews "Everybody wants to live the perfect life but fail to understand you do that by designing and living the perfect day, day after day.

The Perfect Day Formula is written by a world-renowned lifestyle coach and consultant whose clients have been extremely satisfied with his advice. Now, you too can adopt his system and experience the same promising results. The Author: Craig Ballantyne. Craig Ballantyne is the author of the Perfect Day Formula.

I really enjoyed The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne. Craig is the creator of the Turbulence Training fitness program and now heads up the popular personal development site, Early to Rise . I’ve followed his work for nearly a decade.

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