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Back in 2014, Paul had a young freelancer that was still a bit inexperienced but bursting at the seams with potential. Like yourself, she probably felt a little skeptical about enrolling in an online course like Creative Class. I imagine she had similar thoughts racing through her mind.

Who is this Paul Jarvis.

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Paul Jarvis is the epitome of a creative entrepreneur. He is a skilled web designer and more recently a teacher and mentor to many through his online course, Creative Class . His podcast, The Freelancer is both funny and informative.

Boss boyfriend, Paul Jarvis is back on Being Boss! He’s got a new book called Company of One, so we’re digging into the mindset of being a solopreneur, finding “enoughness” in your business, finding resilience, and hiring vs. partnering on projects.

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Connecting Creativity & Commerce With Paul Jarvis I have been a big fan of Paul Jarvis’ for a long time. I read most of what he writes in his Sunday Dispatches, am a graduate of his Creative Class course, and recommend his book Everything I Know , which is one of the most accessible, down-to-earth business books you’ll ever read, to everybody.

In this 32-minute episode of No Sidebar, host Brian Gardner and Paul Jarvis discuss: What Paul enjoys doing more.

designing or writing The Creative Class course that Paul offers

Introducing Paul Jarvis! This edition of The Nine features entrepreneur, writer, designer, course teacher and inspirational person, Paul Jarvis! Paul Jarvis is a writer, designer and course teacher. He’s worked for himself for 17 years and helps creative freelancers who are great at their craft get better at the business of their craft.

The Creative Class is an online course that includes 15 self-paced online lessons, along with bonus materials, a tight-knit community channel and more. At its core, the course teaches you the toughest part of our jobs as freelancers.

business, marketing and sales. From start to finish.

The course is for freelancers, however, we believe the information provided by Seth Godin in the short videos of this course and the exercises are great for small business owners too. Paul Jarvis, The Creative Class. Cost: $300. The Creative Class is another online course for freelancers that is perfect for small business owners too.

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