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GKIC Super Conference – No B.S Good Stuff The Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle holds their Super Conference every year around May. This is their largest annual event and members travel from far and wide to enjoy three solid days of inspiration, learning and sharing of minds on a.

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PR Marketing Consultant Michael X revealed the latest SEO strategies for ranking press and news releases quickly and effectively in front of a live audience at the 2014 GKIC Superconference hosted.

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During GKIC’S national event, The SuperConference in Orlando, Florida, April 6-9, The League of Young Entrepreneurs, young teens will learn how to start, market, and build their Own Business – with lessons ranging from branding, copywriting, web design, video, and list building. This 3-day program is specifically designed for teens from age 13 on up – with the goal to give them a SOLID grounding in direct.