Woman Magnet 2.0 Mage

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Woman Magnet 2.0 – formerly known as “Manifest Abundant Beautiful Women” in Version 1.0 – was created in response to a request on the forum, and built to reflect the desires of the forum members who posted on the subject.

Welcome to the Mage Best in Slot list for the Frost spec in BfA This list is based on the most reliable sources for this Class and Spec. Remember to check back.

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Just started my 2.0 81 mage I have been soloing riftseekers for my essences and have picked up around 20 aa's. Got my essences and will be going back tonight. Page top

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The Arcane Mage DPS priority involves cycling between a Conservation Phase and a Burn Phase based on the availability of Evocation and Arcane Power. Execute the Conservation Phase when Evocation and Arcane Power are on cooldown. Initiate the Burn Phase when Evocation and Arcane Power are available.

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CLR/38 PAL/58 RNG/58 SHD/58 DRU/43 SHM/44 NEC/37 WIZ/34 MAG/32 ENC/28 BST/58: 1: Cancel Magic (4) 2: Cancel Magic (4) 50: Abjuration: Single: Minor Conjuration Fire: MAG/32: 1: Summon Pet: PCPetMagS07L032ElemHeat: 200: Conjuration.

Call of the Arch Mage: MAG/65: 1: Charm up to level 60: 500: Alteration: Summoned: Elemental Siphon: MAG/65: 1.

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Wonder Woman. Rating: 16. Pirate Theme Warrior / Paladin. Rating: 16 🏹 Schildwache. Rating: 16. Troll Warrior.

Every Mag’har Orc Warrior, Obviously. Rating: 9. Silver Sentinel/Knight. Rating: 9. Stream Set.

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