Youredu Live Your Legend – How To Make Your First $1,000 From Your Passions & Talents

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After memorizing 1,000 vocabulary flashcards for the GRE, Derek couldn't help but become a little grandiloquent, declaring his desire to "abscond from my familial domicile and satisfy my penchant for erudition." "You can do that later," said his mother, "but now it's your turn to do the dishes."

Pete is wise. Knows how to be happy first, then, all abundance flows out of that happiness. Polar opposite to folks who think “How much money does it take to live my dreams?” First, be happy. Make your prime goal to have fun.

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Blog – Live Your Legend. Blog – Live Your LegendHow to Find Your ‘No’ So You Can Start Saying ‘Yes!’ to What Actually Matters7-Step Process to Help Make Difficult Decisions (and the #1 Thing That You Must Know to Make Any Decision Easy!)5 Unusual Ways to Get Paid Doing What You Love (Even If You’re Not an Expert Yet!)

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Discover how you share your expertise and develop a multi 5 or 6 figure per month business for yourself using only your smart.

The course presents a framework to help you strategically set your life up for success. You will accomplish three core goals: 1. Discover your career and personal passions, strengths and talents. 2. Build those talents and passions into a career or business and life that makes you come alive, and 3.